Better Engineering’s commercial rack washers are batch-operation machines built to the highest hygienic standards with industry-leading capabilities. Designed to clean a wide variety of parts, our rack washer is highly versatile and ensures proper spray impingement for effective results. 

Our rack and cabinet washers comply with 3-A general guidelines for the highest hygienic standards, and are purpose-built for cleaning and sanitizing trays, pans, cages, scales, pails, buckets, and bowls used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Rack WAshers for Sanitization

Standard racks & cabinets are sized for a 36-72 large sheet pan per batch cleaning cycle. Our rack washing systems can be installed above ground with minimal site preparation, or they can be installed in a pit, so the washer is floor-level. Racks can be loaded into the washer with a ramp or an optional automated lift mechanism. 

Detergent wash, optional heated rinse, and optional sanitizing rinse are sprayed through high-capacity v-jet nozzles placed on linear-sweeping (‘walking’) manifolds assuring consistent, high-impingement, full coverage cleaning to remove stubborn soils and contaminants. Additionally, the system features an automatic self-cleaning sequence to scour the tanks and cabinets in-between cycles to prevent cross-contamination.

BE the Difference

Our rack washer cabinet is hygienic by design. The cabinet floor slopes into a working tank covered by chip screens. Standard cycles are non-recirculated to reduce cross-contamination and uphold cleaning efficacy. Optional holding tanks can allow recirculation to conserve detergent, heat, and water while retaining cleanliness in the working tank.

Sanitary cart and rack washer for food and pharmaceutical industries

  • Sanitary Construction: All wetted surfaces 304 or better stainless steel
  • Insulation / Stainless Steel Cladding
  • High-volume Spray Pump
  • Full, continuous internal welds (TIG), rounded corners, minimization of crevices
  • Ergonomic and Hygienic Design
  • Open Architecture
  • Self-cleaning Working Tank
  • Powered Elevator to raise and lower carts
  • Steam Exhaust
  • Water Level Controls and Auto Water Fill
  • NEMA-4X  Central Control Station with PLC and HMI
  • System meets virtually all 3-A standards

  • Automated Lift
  • Main Water Heater
  • Wash Recirculation Holding Tank
  • Heated Fresh Rinse Stage and Sanitize Stages
  • Ambient Fresh Rinse Stage
  • Flash Dry Stage
  • Heated Forced Air Dry Stage
  • Wash Filter
  • Sanitary Spray Pump
  • Pass-through Door
  • Steam Exhaust
  • End-of-Cycle Beacon Lights
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC and PanelView Plus 7 HMI, 10” color screen
  • Data Acquisition System


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