Return-To-Operator Washers (RTO)

Designed for Work Cells and Lean Manufacturing Centers

Choose from four different return-to-operator systems!

Better Engineering’s Return-to-Operator (RTO) parts washers enhance cellular manufacturing operations with powerful cleaning and drying capabilities. Designed with lean manufacturing principles in mind, these super compact systems have a small footprint and return parts to a single operating point. These systems also offer a more sustainable cleaning solution by using environmentally safe aqueous-based detergents.

Parts move directly from process to process one piece at a time and are loaded and unloaded either by hand or by a robot. Systems can be designed with automation integration so that the machines stop, start, load, and unload automatically, supporting a smooth flow of components through the production process with minimal transit.

There are four different categories of return-to-operator systems from which to choose to accommodate various work cell environments:

  1. RTO-1000 washers: have conveyor belts that take a tight U-turn inside the cleaning chamber.
  2. RTO-2000 washers: have a powered vertical door and typically a dolly that rolls out of the cleaning chamber.
  3. RTO-3000 washers: carousel parts washers that have a large turntable (50″, 60″, 70″, etc. in diameter) that hold several parts at any given time.
  4. Custom RTO Systems: custom systems include multi-chamber systems and units with rotors that rotate and spin.
These compact RTO systems incorporate industry-leading capabilities to reduce water and energy use while providing effective cleaning with repeatable results.
As a result, these systems help lean facilities improve efficiency, reduce waste, and increase productivity and quality control.
U-bend conveyor washer to clean bearings

RTO-1000 Systems

  • Tight U-turn conveyor belts
  • Compact
  • Easy Loading
  • Easy Access Doors
Work cell vertical door parts washer to clean transmission housings

RTO-2000 Systems

  • Powered Vertical Doors
  • Direct Loading
  • Can Be Manually or Robotically Loaded
RTO-3000 carousel parts washer to clean automotive parts

RTO-3000 Systems

  • Carousel-style washers
  • Large turntables that hold several parts
  • Can be robotically loaded
Custom RTO parts washer with rotor to clean engine blocks

Custom RTO Systems

  • Rotor units
  • Multi-chamber systems
  • Larger RTO’s
  • Automation integration

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