RTO-2000 Washer angle

Roll-out Dollies

This roll-out dolly washes & dries parts in 3 minutes.

Drivetrain Parts Cleaning

Rotating Turntable

Turntable rotates inside compact chamber.

Work Cell Parts Washer

Work Cells

Compact size is ideal for manufacturing work cells.

parts washer RTO-2000

Direct Loading

Parts are loaded directly onto the turntable.

RTO-2000 industrial parts washer

Fully Automated

System is fully automated with a powered dolly and parts are robotically loaded.

RTO-2000 parts washer robotic work cell

Dual Cleaning

System has dual cleaning chambers with independently operating powered vertical doors; parts are loaded robotically.

Parts Washer RTO-2000

Two Turntables/One Chamber

System has a single cleaning chambers with a single powered vertical door and dual powered dollies and two rotating turntables to clean twice the load at once.

vertical door parts washer

Manually Loading

Systems can be manually loaded or automatically loaded by robot.

RTO-2000 parts washer fixture

Powered Fixture

Fixture is powered in & out of spray chamber.

RTO-2000 Systems

Return-to-Operator Systems


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RTO-2000's are super compact spray washing systems. They have powered vertical doors and can be designed with wash, rinse and dry stages.

These machines can be loaded by hand or by robot. Options include:

  1. Stationary platform or turntable

  2. Roll-out dolly, manual or powered

  3. Precise positioning for robotic loading