Industrial Washing & Sanitizing Systems Engineered for the Insect Cultivation Industry

Insect Cultivation

Better Engineering is a leading manufacturer of equipment designed to clean and dry trays, crates, rearing trays, pallets, racks, egg-grids, and plastic containers utilized in the insect cultivation industry.

Better Engineering works has worked closely with Insect Cultivators across the country to create washing systems that promote sustainability, meet strict standards, and save companies money. These highly versatile systems include batch washers, bin and vat washers, rack washers, cabinet washers, and conveyor/tunnel washers, all tailored to the insect cultivation industry.

Sanitary Conveyors

Rack Washers

Turntable Washers

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Sanitize with steam, gas, or electric heat at temperatures of +180°F.

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Each system comes with the option to add robotic arm integration for auto loading and unloading.

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Full access hinge doors allow for complete access and cleaning of machines’ interior.

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Modular construction means customers can continue to add onto and customize machines long after they are purchased.


Better Engineering’s sanitization machines are built to last. Our machines offer the highest quality levels with trackable and repeatable results that don’t change over time. Our research lab can demonstrate the full potential of our washing and sanitizing systems using your containers. Mail us the items you would like cleaned, and we will test them to find the best machine recommendation for you. We guarantee that we’ll find a solution that meets all of your needs– it’s part of our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Insect Cultivation

A growing world population requires food and traditional protein sources pressures our natural resources. Insects, however, have a high nutritional value, a low ecological footprint, and generate fewer greenhouse gases making them a viable alternative solution to food shortages. Insects are also harvested for the commodities they produce, such as silk, honey, or lac (used in nail polishes and wood varnishes). Grasshoppers, beetles, ants, and mealworms are commonly cultivated insects.

As with other types of farming, facilities must clean their processing equipment regularly to prevent bacterial contamination. Automated cleaning systems inhibit product contamination while increasing productivity and lowering labor costs. They also provide a more sustainable cleaning solution by offering savings on water and energy resources and increasing equipment lifespan.


Get peace of mind in knowing that your items are clean and free from any hazards.

Insect processing for protein is a sustainable alternative for animal and reptile feed, fishmeal, valuable by-products for fertilizer, material for medical and cosmetic purposes, and even for human consumption. Insect cultivation is the process of raising insects as livestock, or mini livestock, for these purposes.

Conveyor belt washer for cleaning totes and trays used in food distribution


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BE develops innovative solutions to build critical automated cleaning systems for virtually every industry.

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Better Engineering's sanitary line of stainless steel cleaning systems are built to the highest hygienic standards with industry-leading capabilities.

Wholesale bakeries strictly adhere to a set of processes to provide healthy and safe products, constantly improving food safety practices. Better Engineering has worked with leading wholesale bakeries and designs complete cleaning systems based on the customer’s specific application needs regarding these processes. Our machines meet all regulatory food and safety standards set by FSMA, HACCP, and GMP. These standards ensure that your products are free of physical, allergenic, chemical, and biological hazards.

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Barrels, Bins, Buckets

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Waste Containers

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Egg Trays

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Food Storage Boxes

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Scale Buckets

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Weigh Buckets & Hoppers

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Oyster & Shellfish Containers

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Machine Parts

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Cooling Racks

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Fish Boxes

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Freeze Tunnels

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