Industrial Rotary Drum Parts Washer

High volume cleaning for stamped parts, small cast die parts, screw machine parts, small plastic parts, and more.

Better Engineering’s rotary drum parts washers are ideal for high-volume, in-line cleaning and drying of small to medium parts that can be processed in bulk. Rotary drum washers can be continuously loaded, or constant loading can be metered to regulate part flow. These systems combine a smooth tumbling action with immersion washing to flush out the insides of hollow parts and spray technologies to clean the exterior surfaces of parts. 

Additionally, environmentally safe aqueous-based detergents are used in the wash stage to clean and flush parts. These include fasteners, stamped parts, cast die parts, screw machine parts, small plastic parts, ammunition, scrap parts, and more. The rotating, perforated stainless steel drum allows fluid to drain quickly while a welded internal helix tumbles and conveys the components through one or more cleaning stages.

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The drums are available in 14″, 24″, 36″, and 48″ diameters, and the variable speed drum drive is positively driven with a chain. Furthermore, BE tailors the drums to each specific application regarding perforation size, the helix’s pitch, and height.

The wet stages in a rotary drum parts washer can have spray, immersion, or both. In addition, the hot air dryers run as high as 250° F. Up to 90% of the air is reused to conserve energy and avoid air blow-out. Customers can now design their own aqueous rotary drum parts washers using standard modules and accessories without the risk and expense of customization. 

With few exceptions, all wetted parts are stainless steel (grade 304). The metalwork, the drum, the pumps, the spray, dry manifolds, etc., are stainless steel. Our rotary drum washers are modular in that they can be expanded or changed without a torch or welder.

Rotary drum parts washers are commonly used in ammunition, aerospace, and metalworking industries.

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