Food Processing Container Washer

Food Processing Container Washers

Better Engineering has been in business for over 60 years, and we’ve built our reputation on providing quality products that generate consistent and measurable results. Our state-of-the-art food processing equipment for washing and sanitizing totes, lugs, crates, vats, and buggies ensures production without allergenic, bacterial, or fungal hazards.

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As top parts washer manufacturer of washing and sanitizing systems, our team has worked with many food processors. We understand food processors have a significant number and variety of totes, lugs, crates, vats, containers, and buggies that must be washed and sanitized. Additionally, each application has specific needs due to varying mediums and soil levels.

Food processors partner with Better Engineering because our automated container parts washers guarantee operator safety and repeatable and measurable results while helping food processors achieve sustainability goals by decreasing chemical and water consumption. The result is increased productivity and lower costs in the form of reduced labor and decreased energy, chemical, and water consumption.

Food Processing Washing and Sanitizing Equipment

Designed and built with ergonomics, sustainability, reliability, and consistency.

We’re sure you’ve heard that the food processing industry is growing. And that’s a good thing! The more people who are out there making food, the more people who have the opportunity to enjoy safe, delicious, nutritious meals or other food-based products; however, 50% of food processors still clean containers manually with a pressure washer. Manual cleaning can be cumbersome and unhealthy for machine operators, which produces inconsistent cleaning results over time. Moreover, all of that water and detergent goes straight to the drain! That’s why we’re here—to help you replace manual washing procedures and antiquated wash equipment.

Higher Standards, Better Results.

BE’s machines meet and exceed all food and safety standards, including FSMA, HACCP, and GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes.)The food processing industry consists of grain milling, crop cleaning, grading and packaging, animal husbandry & slaughtering and packaging operations, seafood processing, and canning operations. It also includes drink products such as juice, coffee, tea, dairy, and all other food manufacturers. As a food processing manufacturer, you are always trying to find ways to keep your costs low and your outputs high while raising the bar regarding food quality and safety. Yet, food and container sanitization can be a precarious and ongoing battle that costs too much to lose. That’s where Better Engineering comes in. We provide food processing container parts washers to food manufacturers throughout the country. Our machines are built to handle the most stringent demands, so they’re perfect for you.

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Better Engineering’s sanitization machines are built to last. Our machines offer the highest quality levels with trackable and repeatable results that don’t change over time. Our research lab can demonstrate the full potential of our washing and sanitizing systems using your containers. Mail us the items you would like cleaned, and we will test them to find the best machine recommendation for you. We guarantee that we’ll find a solution that meets all of your needs– it’s part of our commitment to customer satisfaction.


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BE develops innovative solutions to build critical automated cleaning systems for virtually every industry.

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