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Conveyor Washers

Cyber-jet C-24, C-36 & C-48 Conveyor Washers

With standard hinged doors for easy access.


The C-24, C-36 and C-48 model lines consist of six (6) principal modules and numerous options/accessories, which are designed around either a 24”, 36″ or 48″ wide conveyor belt. There are three (3) Spray Modules, and three (3) Drying Modules.

If parts need only to be washed, a single module will normally suffice. If however, the parts need to be washed, rinsed and dried, then a multi-stage system would be created by ordering at least three modules. The customer can choose any number of modules and put them in virtually any sequence.

  • Canopy Design/Access

  • True Modular Construction

  • “Wetted” Parts are Stainless Steel

  • Insulation / Stainless Steel Cladding

  • Natural Stainless Steel Finish

  • Heavy Duty Conveyor

  • Vertical Seal-less Pumps

  • Stainless Steel Manifolds

  • Drying Modules

  • Central Control Station with Allen Bradley Micro 850 PLC and PanelView 800, 4” HMI

  • Spray Curtains

  • Extended Buffer Areas on Spray Zone to Prevent Splash-out

  • Powered Oil Skimmer

  • Oil/Water Coalescing Tanks

  • Strainers

  • Bag Filters

  • Steam Exhaust

  • Mist Collection Systems

  • Gas & Steam Heat

  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix L18ER PLC and PanelView Plus 7, 10” HMI

  • Special Belting