Mass Transit Parts Washers

The rail and transit industry has numerous heavily soiled components from years of production. Eventually, these rail and transit components need to broke down and washed before reassembly. As such, we offer a wide array of multistage mass transit parts washers specifically designed for rail and transit components such as locomotive and train wheel sets, generators, armatures, traction motors, bearings, and axles.

In general, our parts washers for the rail and transit industry use recirculated, hot aqueous solution with a mild alkaline detergent, combined with a higher-pressure pump (25-100 HP) and high volume (250-300 GPM). The result is rail and transit parts washers that are highly effective at removing road dirt, oil, grease, and heavy soils while reducing labor and chemical costs from manual processes. Additionally, our rail and transit parts washers are designed to permit continuous operation, often 24/7, at full capability with minimal degradation of accuracy, repeatability, and reliability over 20+ years.

ARmature and Traction Motor Washers

We offer industrial parts washers specifically designed to clean traction motors and armatures. These products clean the traction motors and armatures of rolling stock, such as locomotives, subway cars, and trams. Better Engineering’s traction motor washers: 

  • Remove metallic dust, non-metallic dust (copper, electrical insulation), dirty motor oil/grease, and carbon dust
  • System designed with spray manifolds that are focused on commutator area, core knuckles, core stack area by the shaft, and stator coils 
  • Offer robust filtration such as an oil coalesce and sludge conveyor

Mass Transit And Transportation

Better Engineering’s automatic mass transit parts washers help keep your trains and buses running smoothly and safely while, at the same time, protecting your environment by using detergent and water solutions instead of hazardous solvents. Thusly, Better Engineering’s aqueous parts washers are ideal for all your repair & maintenance parts cleaning:

Train Braking Components

Spray wash cabinet parts washer

Transaxle Components

Carousel parts washer

Locomotive Cylinders

Carousel Parts Washer for rail and transit

Transit Rail Car Components

Top load parts washer

Train Bearing Sets

Rail Bearing Parts Washer

Large Shock Absorbers

Parts Washer for Shock Absorbers

FAQs about armature and traction Motor washers

Can we test clean our parts? Yes. Better Engineering offers free parts testing for all components, regardless of size.   


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