Compact Indexing

Compact parts indexing on this 50" diameter turntable carousel washer model RTO-3000-50.

Single 50" Turntable

Several parts are run through the cycle at once on this 50-inch diameter turntable.

Efficient Processing

Each system outputs 1 clean/dry part every 30 seconds.

Separate Turntables

Small, separate turntables spin at each station on this model RTO-3000-60.

Easy Access

Easy access doors to all stages.


Wash | Rinse | Dry Stages

Single 60" Turntable

Parts are processed through wash, rinse, and dry stages on this 60-inch diameter turntable.

Automation Integration

System integrated with existing work cell and parts loaded/unloaded robotically.

Robot Loading

Robot loading part into the parts washer.

Options Available

Systems are available with additional options such as optional chip conveyor and mist collector.

RTO-3000 Systems

Return-to-Operator Systems


RTO-3000 units are carousel style parts washers with a large turntable (50", 60", 70", etc. in diameter) that holds several parts at any given time, thus extending the process times.

In one revolution, the parts are clean and ready to be picked up.  Carousel washers have the following features:

  • Are typically two stages (wash/dry) or three stages (wash/rinse/dry)

  • Designed with one or more tanks

  • Option for robotic loading

  • Small turntables mounted to main carousel table such that the parts will spin in each of the process stations