Industrial Rotary Basket Parts Washer

Choose between 2, 4, 6, or 8 basket systems!

The Cyclojet rotary parts washer is one of Better Engineering’s most robust and versatile cleaning systems, combining spray, immersion, ultrasonic, and drying technologies. These rotary basket parts washers are designed to fit into a compact production environment or work cell. Components that can tumble are placed in covered baskets. On the other hand, components that need to rotate without tumbling are locked into covered racks or specialized fixtures. 

The Cyclolet’s patented auto-latch feature prevents system jams caused by operators improperly latching baskets into the rotor. BE’s rotary basket washer can accept your current baskets, standard Kadon baskets, or larger baskets that may provide more throughput.

The rotary parts washer comes with recirculating wash and recirculating rinse tanks. Only filtered wash and rinse solution enters the cleaning chamber; however, you can add a third tank for heavily soiled applications. Additionally, a DI rinse can be added to purge the in-between chamber stages to mitigate cross-contamination and act as a final rinse. The spray, immersion, and ultrasonic cleaning stages are independent and can run in any order and for any duration, depending upon your needs.

CycloJet Rotary parts WAsher

Available ultrasonic cleaning provides gentle cleaning action for intricate or delicate components. The spray, immersion, and ultrasonic cleaning stages are independent and can run in any order and for any duration, depending on your needs.

Better Engineering’s Cyclojet line of rotary parts washers clean and dry parts that other parts washers cannot – complex components and parts with blind holes. These stainless steel systems combine tumbling/orbital motion with spray, immersion, ultrasonics, and environmentally safe aqueous-based detergents. These all help flush out chips, soils, and other contaminants and strip-off oils from the most complex parts to meet rigorous cleaning requirements.

Our tumbling rotary basket washers are well-suited for batch washing and precision cleaning. These are available with ultrasonic cleaning in 2, 4, 6, or 8-basket systems. Basket configuration and available options provide countless ways to design a system uniquely suited for your application. Rotary basket parts washers are commonly used in aerospace, automotive, and metalworking.

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