Tumbling Washer CJ-2

Model CJ-2

Choose between 2, 4, 6, or 8 basket systems to accommodate your cleaning needs.

Tumbling Washer CJ-4

Model CJ-4

The CJ-4 can process a total of 4 baskets per cycle.

6-basket tumbling washer CJ-6

Model CJ-6

The CJ-6 can process a total of 6 baskets per cycle.

Tumbling Washer CJ-8

Model CJ-8

The CJ-8 can process up to 8 baskets per cycle.

tumbling washer

Spray, Immersion or Ultrasonic

Combines spray and immersion cleaning technologies with optional ultrasonic cleaning.

Tumbling Washer Basket

Kadon Baskets

Kadon baskets avoid part-to-part contact. Inquire about different basket configurations to suit your parts.

CJ-4 tumbling washer with rotor basket

Custom Single Basket

System custom designed to hold one large basket.

CJ-4 Hinged Door Basket

Custom Baskets

Optional custom baskets can be designed for specific applications.

CJ-2 Fixtured Part

Special Fixturing

Special fixture designed for jet engine parts.

Tumbling Ultrasonic Parts Washer with Conveyor

Automatic Loading

Systems can be designed with automation integration.

Tumbling Washer back with options


Cyclojets are available with a wide range of optional features including optional sump pump and oil coalescer.

ultrasonic box

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Optional ultrasonic cleaning is available.

Cyclojet Series Tumbling Washers

Choose between 2, 4, 6, or 8 basket systems!


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The CYCLOJETS clean and dry parts that other parts washers can’t – complex screw machine parts and larger parts with blind holes and intricate passage ways.

The Cyclojets combine tumbling/orbital motion with spray and immersion to flush-out chips and strip-off oils from the most complex parts. Parts that can tumble are put in covered baskets. Parts that need to orbit without tumbling are “locked” into covered racks or a fixture.

  • 2, 4, 6, or 8 Baset Systems Standard

  • Stainless Steel

  • Rotary Action

  • Ultrasonic Standard Option


View videos of our Cyclojet Tumbling Washers in our Video Gallery.


The following features are standard on all Cyclojet series models.

  • 2, 4, 6, or 8 Baskets
  • Stainless Steel
  • Patented Auto Latch
  • Spray/Immersion Stages
  • 2 Heated Tanks
  • Baskets or Fixtures Available
  • PLC Control System
  • Ergonomic Loading Deck


The following features are optional on the Cyclojet models.

  • Additional Rinse Stages
  • Drying Stage
  • Steam Exhaust
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Conductivity Meters
  • Detergent Injection Pumps
  • Pressure & Flow Sensors
  • Sump Tank
  • Oil Skimmers & Coalescers
  • Automatic Loading System
  • Particle Filtration
  • Bar Code & RFID Readers
  • Beacon Lights

Cyclojet Brochure

A complete brochure detailing the the standard features, the optional features, and specifications for the Cyclojet series of tumbling parts washers.
Click to download the Cyclojet brochure/specification sheet.