Washing Systems Engineered for Metal Surface Preparation & FInishing

When it comes to metal preparation washers, not all parts washers are created equal. When you want the best possible results from a metal preparation parts washer—one that will produce consistent results and keep your employees safe—you need Better Engineering’s industrial metal preparation parts washer. 

Metal Preparation & Surface Finishing

Industrial metal preparation and surface finishing are metal finishing processes used in aerospace, automotive, general manufacturing, appliances, medical devices, and semiconductor. Surface finishing is commonly used to alter a part’s property to improve appearance, strength, corrosion resistance, or other application-dependent characteristics. Industrial parts washers for metal preparation and surface finishing are utilized upstream or downstream from mechanical processes like painting, passivation, peening, abrasive blasting, grinding and polishing. 

Metal Surface Preparation

Ensuring that metal parts are properly cleaned before painting or surface coating can improve paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. The most critical element of a phosphating washer is the ability to remove oils and grease from upstream processes like grinding or welding. Better Engineering industrial parts cleaning systems are designed to sequence through various stages such as wash/phosphate, rinse, seal, and dry, or any combination of the abovementioned stages. The industrial wash systems most commonly used before painting are turntable washers, conveyor washers, and monorail washers. 

The passivation process uses citric or nitric acid to remove iron compounds from the surface of stainless steel, giving stainless steel corrosion-resistant properties. Better Engineering is the leading manufacturer of automated passivation equipment and agitated immersion passivation systems for industries like a medical devices, aerospace, and space. The industrial parts washers most frequently used for the passivation process are turntable washers, conveyor washers, and monorail washers.

Abrasive blasting is a metal finishing process in which different media types are used to shape, smooth, or clean a part’s surface. These metal finishing systems leave remnants of media after the abrasive blasting process. BE manufactures a wide array of industrial parts washers to remove all media types, so your parts are ready to move on to the following process.

Why BE

If you’re looking for a reliable solution for your metal prep washing needs, we’re here to help! We’ve been providing high-quality industrial metal preparation parts washers for years, and we know what it takes to ensure our customers are happy. When you choose Better Engineering as your metal prep washing partner, you’ll get: 

  • A quick turnaround time on our products, so you never have to wait long for your equipment.
  • A wide variety of options, so there’s always something perfect for your needs (no matter how unique they may be)
  • Industrial-grade products that are built to last and stand up against whatever comes their way (even if it’s some pretty tough competition)

Metal Finishing Systems

Better Engineering offers a wide range of industrial parts washing equipment for all of your metal prep needs. From small-scale systems that fit right into your existing facility to large-scale systems that can handle thousands of pounds, we have the right equipment for whatever size operation you’re running. We offer different styles of industrial metal prep machines so you can find one that fits in seamlessly with your facility and workflow.

Better Engineering parts cleaning systems are utilized in a large variety of metal preparation/treatment processes, such as:

Phosphating Prior to Powder Coating

Case Study 21340 Cleaning Large Compressor Casting

Cleaning Fasteners Prior to Coating

Case Study 21964 Cleaning Metal Preparation Coating

Cleaning Stampings Post Media Blasting

BE Case Study 21176 Cleaning Water Heater Heads MFG

Phosphate & Seal Prior to Powder Coating

BE Case Study 22294 Cleaning Conveyor Parts

Our parts washers are built to last—and they have been proven time and time again by customers who have been using them successfully for years. They’re built to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions while providing reliable daily performance.

FAQs about Metal Surface Preparation

What are the standard guidelines for metal passivation in regards to metal preparation? Standard practices for metal passivation can be found here. Additionally, resources about nitric and citric acid use for metal preparation and surface finishing can be found below: 


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