S-60/36 ImmersoSonic Industrial Ultrasonic Parts Washer Line

Immersion Parts Washer Model S-60/36

Better Engineering’s S-60/36 immersion parts washer is designed to remove dirt, chips, and oils for much larger applications. The S-60/36 accomplishes part cleanliness by utilizing a pneumatically powered oscillating platform. 

This type of parts washer can also employ several additional mechanical agitation methods. This includes ultrasonics and turbulation (AKA “spray” under immersion). BE’s industrial ultrasonic parts washer is designed to achieve the most stringent specifications.

Better Engineering’s automated industrial ultrasonic parts washer will index baskets through all stages/tanks of the system. The indexing mechanism incorporates a walking beam and pushing arms that shuttle baskets from one tank to the next.

Committed to Your Success

Should you honor Better Engineering with an order for an automated immersion washer, you will be assigned a mechanical and electrical engineer. Our engineer will be dedicated solely to your project until completion. 

Our Engineering team will design all mechanical facets of your industrial ultrasonic parts washer in 3D. Furthermore, our engineers design all electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatic subsystems. Our designs follow our strict standards, which are constantly updated and version controlled per our ISO-9001:2015 procedures.

No matter your challenges, Better Engineering will help you design a durable and flexible industrial ultrasonic parts washer. The S-60/36 is commonly used in aerospace, space, automotive, metalworking, metal preparation, military, maintenance and repair, and rail and transit industries.

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