Industrial Washers for Organic Waste Containers

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The organic waste recycling industry requires cleaning receptacles for entities like restaurants, grocery stores, and schools. Organic waste recycling companies use organic waste to create a closed loop system, repurposing the organic waste to produce renewable natural gas, animal feed, or insect cultivation. Therefore, as a provider, you must clean large volumes of highly soiled waste containers to redistribute back to facilities, which is not always easy. You need a robust organic waste container washer to meet your throughput and cleanliness expectations.

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Best washers for Organic Waste Industry

Organic waste recycling companies transport organic waste in reusable bins, macro bins, totes, and IBCs. Subsequently, after removing leftover food waste, these bins need to be washed, which can be challenging due to the high level of remaining solids. Furthermore,  loading and unloading large bins can also be cumbersome and laborious, increasing labor costs.

Tote Washers: Our organic waste tote washers are specially designed to clean highly soiled organic waste bins. Better Engineering’s tote washers provide total canopy access for easy maintenance and machine clean-out. Additionally, our conveyor washers offer easy access to bottom spray and dry manifolds, allowing quick removal from the washer without removing the conveyor belt. 

Each module has a sloped floor underneath the conveyor for faster water return and less debris accumulation. Our tote washers incorporate large strainer baskets or bag filters for recirculating wet stages to protect the pump and prevent nozzles from clogging. Finally, our organic waste tote washers can be automatically loaded with our proprietary tipper to allow easy loading and unloading. However, the washer also allows for manual loading by hand or forklift. Our conveyor washers come in various belt widths (from 14” up to 110”), ranging from single to multi-stage systems with your choice of wash, rinse, fresh rinse, and dry cycles.

Organic Waste Container Washer

FAQs about Organic waste container washers

Why use an industrial aqueous washer to clean organic waste containers? Industrial aqueous washers can process large volumes of containers, thereby reducing labor costs, ensuring repeatability, and promoting sustainability.

Are there other systems that could be used for organic waste applications? Yes, our conveyor washers are also used for the organic waste industry. 

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