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For 60 years, Better Engineering has manufactured high-quality, automated, aqueous-based industrial parts washers and cleaning and sanitizing systems utilizing spray, immersion, and ultrasonic technologies.

Automated Industrial Parts Washers, Cleaning & Sanitizing Systems

Better Engineering’s (BE’s) line of industrial parts washers and cleaning/sanitizing systems includes turntable style cleaning systems, conveyor washers, immersion and ultrasonic cleaning units, heavy duty degreasers, cellular parts cleaning units, and sanitary systems. BE cleaning systems use aqueous detergents that are water soluble and biodegradable, thereby making them safer for the user and for the environment. Our industrial parts washers are built to last, fully customizable, modular, and designed with your needs in mind.

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Better engineering Parts Washers are best in class

BE industrial parts washers are used by top companies across virtually every industry. Our features allow us to stand above our competitors and meet our customers’ every parts washing need. Even Jay Leno agrees! 


Helping solve tough cleaning applications is what we do. We have the highest caliber engineering staff in the industry that utilizes innovative design software. As such, we are able to build great, unique industrial parts washing systems to solve any particular cleaning problem.

Services We Offer

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Engineering Capabilities

Helping solve tough cleaning applications is what we do. We have the highest caliber engineering staff in the industry. Utilizing innovative design software, we are able to build great, unique parts washing systems to solve any particular cleaning problem.
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Test Cleaning & Laboratory

Not all cleaning applications are the same so we work closely with you to make sure that the system we build for you suits your specific needs. We have a complete Engineering Process Lab and Machine Demonstration Test Center to evaluate your parts and cleaning process.
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Customer Support

Outstanding customer service is a big reason why Better Engineering has been in business for 60 years. We are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Technical & Field Service

Our Field Service Technicians are expert at installing new systems, reconditioning existing equipment after years of hard use, and modifying & modernizing existing systems to meet operational growth and change.

Advanced Technologies for Industrial Parts Cleaning

Better Engineering’s industrial parts washers utilize proprietary technology that gives you an unparalleled clean. Our advanced technology has been vetted and proven to provide repeatable results while ensuring you meet the most stringent cleanliness specifications. Our 60 years of experience and process-oriented approach make Better Engineering a global leader in industrial cleaning.

S-22 immersion ultrasonic washer to clean brass fittings

Immersion Cleaning

Completely submerge and vertically oscillate your parts in our aqueous cleaning solution to achieve a complete clean. An immersion tank system is typically used for complex part geometries with hidden and hard-to-reach areas. Our immersion washing systems can be designed with tank-to-tank automation and can incorporate ultrasonic technology.

F-7000LX-P Turntable spray cabinet parts washer for heavy loads

Spray Cleaning

Pressurized spray cleaning cleans the entire surface of your part. The spray manifolds are either stationary or moving to ensure all surfaces are free from contaminants.

S-22 immersion ultrasonic washer

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning technology can be combined with immersion and spray washing. This method uses a high-frequency, high-intensity ultrasonic immersion transducer or series of transducers and offers a deeper clean than traditional methods for the appropriate applications.


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