New Technology... Better Agitation!

Genesis Model G-500

• Micro-immersion parts washer
• Small enough to fit on a bench
• Uses 110V power

Genesis Model G-1000

• Single stage immersion washer
• Powered platform with high speed
   oscillation under water
• Optional side station

ImmersoSonic Model S-22

• Modular design for unlimited stage possibilties
• Larger tanks
• New oil skimming technology
• Ultrasonic cleaning optional

Immersion Ultrasonic Washers

Three different size immersion washers designed to meet your specific needs.

Better Engineering's line of immersion washers includes a single stage micro-immersion washer small enough to fit on a bench, a single stage immersion washer designed to handle medium sized parts, and a modular multi-stage system with advanced oil skimming technology and optional ultrasonic cleaning.