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Immersion Ultrasonic Washers
Five Different size Immersion Washers Designed To Meet Your Specific Needs!

Immersion washers, or dip-tank parts washers, consist of a single tank or a series of tanks into which parts are immersed for cleaning. These systems clean intricate parts and components with blind holes or passageways, parts that cannot be disassembled, and parts that require long soaking cycles to remove the contaminants.

Manual cleaning of such parts is inefficient and ineffective as it is time-consuming and difficult to properly clean blind areas and crevices on the parts. However, immersion cleaning penetrates all areas of the part, effectively cleaning them with consistent results in less time, thus saving you time and money.

With immersion cleaning, the parts are placed on a platform and submerged entirely into the heated cleaning solution tank. Once immersed, the agitation process forces the cleaning solution into all the tight areas of the component to flush out debris and contaminants. Using immersion with basket agitation or spray under immersion bath turbulence improves cleaning results. The immersion cleaning process varies from dipping a single part into the heated bath to agitating a basket containing several parts.

Heavy-Duty Immersion Washers Made for All Applications

Better Engineering offers a number of standard Immersion washers but can also create custom machines specialized for your parts. Not sure what kind of machine you need? One of our machine specialists will test your parts for free to determine what machine will best suit your needs. 

Better Engineering’s Immerso-Sonics line features stainless steel construction and encompasses five different-size immersion washers ranging from manual operation to fully automated systems designed to meet your specific needs, including:

Using aqueous-based detergents, the Immerso-Sonics line of immersion/ultrasonic washers provides powerful cleaning capabilities without harsh scrubbing, abrasion, or high-pressured sprays, making it an excellent solution for cleaning the most intricate and delicate parts.

G-500 micro immersion bench top parts washer

Genesis Model G-500

  • Micro-immersion parts washer
  • Small enough to fit on a bench
  • Uses 110V power
Genesis G-1000 single-stage immersion washer

Genesis Model G-1000

  • Single-stage immersion washer
  • Powered platform with high-speed oscillation under water
  • Optional side station
S-22 immersion ultrasonic washer to clean brass fittings

ImmersoSonic S-22 & S-32

  • Multi-stage systems
  • Compact design
  • New oil skimming technology
  • Ultrasonic cleaning optional
S-60 dip tank immersion washer cleaning engine blocks

ImmersoSonic S-60

  • Modular design for unlimited stage possibilities
  • Larger tanks
  • Ultrasonic cleaning optional

Immersion Ultrasonic Washer Video Showcase

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Learn more about how Better Engineering can help your company raise profitability and increase productivity with our Immersion and Ultrasonic parts washers. 


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