New Technology... Better Agitation!

Genesis Model G-500

• Micro-immersion parts washer
• Small enough to fit on a bench
• Uses 110V power

Genesis Model G-1000

• Single stage immersion washer
• Powered platform with high speed
   oscillation under water
• Optional side station

ImmersoSonic S-22 & S-32

• Multi-stage systems
• Compact design
• New oil skimming technology
• Ultrasonic cleaning optional

ImmersoSonic S-60

• Modular design for unlimited stage possibilities
• Larger tanks
• Ultrasonic cleaning optional

Immersion Ultrasonic Washers

Four different size immersion washers designed to meet your specific needs.

Immersion washers are effective for cleaning intricate parts and components that have blind holes or passage ways, or parts that cannot be disassembled. The parts are placed completely in the tank of cleaning solution and the agitation process forces the cleaning solution into all the tight areas of the component.

Better Engineering's line of immersion washers includes a single stage micro-immersion washer small enough to fit on a bench, a single stage immersion washer designed to handle medium sized parts, and a modular multi-stage system with advanced oil skimming technology and optional ultrasonic cleaning.