Precision Cleaning for the Space Industry

Precision Cleaning For Space Industry

Parts cleaning and precision cleaning are two very different types of cleaning. Rocket components must be precision cleaned to ensure a safe, successful mission.  Speak to our machine experts to get you ready for your next flight.  

Space Industry Precision Cleaning Techniques

A wide array of components need cleaning before they can be welded to other parts or assembled before a mission. Systems such as turntable washers, immersion washers, and rotary basket washers can meet your regulatory needs and our innovative technology, such as robot washing systems. Techniques, though, are the nitty-gritty of precision cleaning, and Better Engineering provides various options:  

  • Aqueous Cleaning and Passivation: Aqueous cleaning uses a water-based cleaner combined with temperature-moderated water works to decontaminate your components.  
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning: Ultrasonic cleaning combines immersion and sound waves, along with cavitation, to remove debris, grease, and dirt from spacecraft components.  
  • Spray Cleaning: High-pressure spray cleaning uses strategically placed nozzles to blast debris from the surface of your part, though this technique has its limitations.  
  • Immersion Cleaning: Immersion cleaning requires the complete submersion of your part into an aqueous solution. Once submerged, cleaning fluid is agitated around your component. It is important to note that this method can also be combined with spray and ultrasonic cleaning. 

Space Industry precision cleaning solution

All spacecraft are assembled in an ISO-class cleanroom to avoid contamination. Yet, this doesn’t mean that the hardware used is clean, nor will it remain clean. Therefore, to ensure you adhere to strict planetary travel regulations, you must take further actions to guarantee the minimalization of contamination.   

Our precision cleaning solution cleans components to a microscopic level, obtaining a water-break-free condition where surfaces are free of hydrophobic contaminants. Our systems accommodate larger, heavier loads and precision clean an extensive range of components, including:  

Rocket Nozzles

Parts washer to clean engine nozzles for space industry case study 22579

Barrel Panels

automated cleaning rocket panels case study 22923

The above components have the most stringent cleaning requirements in the space industry. Better Engineering’s precision cleaning solution utilizes spray, flushing, and ultrasonic technology to achieve these cleaning standards. Spacecrafts also are huge, which means components are equally sizeable. Our expert engineering staff can customize a system to suit your application, including upgraded weight capacity, increased turntable diameters and cabinet work heights, pump sizes, and sizeable immersion washers with automatic tank-to-tank indexing systems.

FaQs about Spacecraft precision cleaning

Can we test clean our parts? Yes. Better Engineering offers free parts testing for all components, regardless of size.   

Components for space travel tend to be bigger and more complex than most. Will your industrial washers fit our pieces? Better Engineering can construct washers in virtually any size and offer upgrade weight capacity and pump sizes. 

Where can I find more information about spacecraft regulations? The Office of Planetary Protection, as well as NASA, has informative resources.   


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