RTO Washer Rotor Fixture

Rotor Units

Rotor spins engine block in cycle.

rotor engine block fixture

Rotor Fixture

Dolly/engine block rolls into the rotor.

RTO Diesel Fuel Tubes Washer

Tube Flushing

Custom system flushes fuel tubes.

CJ-4 tumbling washer with rotor basket

Single Rotor Basket

Cyclojet spins basket in cycle to tumble parts.

RTO parts washer PD-3000

Automation Integration

System is integrated with existing work cell; parts are robotically loaded; cleans cylinders as large as 9" diam. x 33"H.

Industrial Parts Washer RTO-2000-PCS

Individual Chambers

Robotically loaded 6 individual cleaning chambers.

robot loading cylinder in parts washer

Robotically Loaded

Robot loading part in machine.

Industrial Parts Washer RTO Rotor

Large Parts

Rotor spins large helicopter gear boxes.

RTO Washer RTO-2000-PCS

Powered Dollies

Custom Unit with Dolly Washes 18 Parts Per Cycle

Custom Systems | Units with Rotors

Return-to-Operator Systems


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    Custom Return-to-Operator systems include:

  • Rotor Units - utilize a spinning action. Parts are rotated on a horizontal axis as they are spray washed to flush out any complex passageways. A dolly transports parts in and out of the rotor.

  • Multi-chamber systems - to increase production, systems can have multiple independent cleaning chambers; load one chamber while the others are in cycle.

  • Larger RTO's - there is no size limit for Better Engineering's Return-to-Operator systems!