Sanitary Conveyor Parts Cleaning System – Case Study 23511

Pharmaceutical Parts Cleaning System
Pharmaceutical Parts Cleaning System
Pharmaceutical parts cleaning system built by Better Engineering


The client is a large international pharmaceutical company that processes high volumes of glass labware. All labware must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before returning them back to the field for use. Customer sought a conveyor parts cleaning system with sanitization capabilities.


The customer’s labware washer was out-of-date, which raised questions about how effectively it cleaned different product lines and necessitated manual effort for cleaning.

Because of our degree of expertise and breadth of experience in the sector, the customer decided to engage with Better Engineering to custom-build the new sanitary lab glassware conveyor parts cleaning system.


Better Engineering built a sanitary conveyor parts cleaning system to wash, sanitize, and dry labware that achieved the following goals:
• Increased Efficiency
• Consistent and reliable cleaning
• Time savings
• Improved hygiene and reduced cross-contamination
• Enhanced safety
• Cost savings
• Data tracking and traceability


We designed a sanitary conveyor washer that conforms to 3A machine standards to wash, rinse, and sanitize glass labware. The machine is fully automated with a return-to-operator conveyor with custom fixtures to hold various labware. Our sanitary conveyor washer design for this customer features 316 stainless steel and Better Engineering’s proprietary data acquisition system, Aqua Insights. Aqua Insights was installed with the following measurable parameters:
• Measurable temperature at all times
• Chemical concentration
• Runtime

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