Automated Hands-Free Medical Waste Bin Washer – Case Study 23376

Automated Conveyor Part Washer
Better Engineering Conveyor Part Washer with automated bin flipping



This company is a leading supplier of medical waste bins and containers for reusable and disposable sharps. The medical waste industry can be fraught with risks when disposing of sharps. Disposal is a high liability issue as biological agents are disposed of, and often employees emptying containers retain injuries. Sharps containers and plastic bins allow debris to get trapped or stuck to the bottom of the totes, making the job “high risk” as employees would also cut or poke themselves with the debris, making hand washing impossible. The liability and riskiness of the job made it more complex to source employees, slowing down company production.


This company worked with Better Engineering to provide a more safety-focused environment for the employees. While working closely with the client, BE’s production team developed a hands-free automated bin washing system to reduce bin touchpoints to 0. This resulted in completely removing liability to employees from debris in the sharps containers. Better Engineering’s solution also increased cost savings, allowing resources to be allocated elsewhere within the facility.

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