Conveyor Parts Cleaning System – Case Study 23285



This company manufactures burial caskets, which need to be cleaned of oil and dirt before the coating process. The previous conveyor parts cleaning system was outdated and had multiple mechanical issues, such as cross-contamination, that caused frustrations and incompetencies in the product line. During the cleaning process, the lids (7 feet long) needed to be thoroughly dried before use, and vacuum drying was not a viable option. Due to these problems, they were unable to meet the supply demands and deliverable criteria of their clients, which resulted in lost productivity and downtime.


BE customized our conveyor parts cleaning system, a C-36 series model with a 64-foot-long conveyor belt to accommodate the casket lids. The conveyor parts cleaning system had five stages; Three stages were wash and rinse stages to ensure the removal of all contaminants and to provide a final product ready for distribution. The remaining two stages were engineered with unique drying systems that did not compromise the casket finish, maintaining the integrity of the parts.


The customer was no longer dealing with the frustrations of outdated machines that no longer worked for their growing company. Their production time and deliverables increased, allowing the company to continue its global growth in the casket supply chain.

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