Our Promise to Quality

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Better Engineering designs and manufacturers automated, aqueous-based cleaning and sanitizing systems. Our promise to quality is a fundamental part of our business principles. These principles guide our actions to deliver safe, effective, and sustainable cleaning solutions.

We demonstrate our commitment to quality by fostering quality-related processes throughout our company and focusing on the following principles.

Customer Needs

Our customers come from a wide variety of industries and therefore each has its own specific cleanliness requirements. Our customers trust us to fulfill their need for a cleaning system that will meet the requirements. This trust is based on our reputation for working with each customer closely and consistently delivering high-quality machines. Moreover, we understand our customers’ needs and track their level of product satisfaction.

Service and Experience

Outstanding service is one of the reasons why Better Engineering has been in business for over 60 years. We provide the best service possible from our sales technicians to our engineers, production staff, customer service representatives, and office staff. 


Better Engineering meets the highest quality standards for our products and processes through the administration of our Quality Management System. This system meets the criteria for and is in compliance with ISO-9001. Additionally, our ISO-9001 compliance is certified and verified by independent third-party auditors.


In accordance with our ISO-9001 certification, we establish and follow specific, measurable, and quantifiable quality objectives for all operational processes. Moreover, our team routinely reviews and audits these objectives at defined intervals to indicate the level of continuous improvement.


BE performs a quality test on every machine prior to shipment. This ensures product performance, safety, and compliance with its cleaning specifications.


Better Engineering continuously improves our designs, processes, and overall quality management system. We strive for excellence and innovation by promoting creative thinking and through customer and employee feedback.

Health and Safety

We value and promote our employees’ health and growth by providing a safe, healthy, and equitable work environment. In addition, our processes and procedures promote a safety-first workplace.


We aim to act with integrity, courage, and wisdom in all of our affairs, be honest and transparent, and make decisions that place long-term welfare in front of short-term gains. We keep all employees informed about our direction and quality objectives and help one another make positive changes. 


We are committed to being socially and environmentally responsible. Our machines are aqueous-based and use detergents that are water-soluble and biodegradable, making them safer for the user and for the environment. Likewise, our operations are conducted impartially and support environmental sustainability to help reduce our collective environmental impact. Our goal is to provide products and services that will genuinely improve productivity and enhance life while protecting our environment.



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