Pallet Washer – Case Study 22570

C-24 Pallet washer for cleaning plastic pallets
Pallet Washer


Automatic Pallet Washer for Cleaning Plastic Pallets


This company is a leading national warehousing, distribution, and logistics firm. In particular, they offer a wide range of services, including plastic pallet repair. Repairing damaged plastic pallets is a more sustainable solution as it keeps them out of landfills and the ecosystem. Markedly, an aqueous-based pallet washer can be part of that solution.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

Damaged pallets need to be cleaned when having repairs done. Thus, the company needed an automated pallet washer to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their pallet repair services.


In this case, the solution was a model C-24 pallet washer. This system cleans plastic pallets as large as 48” x 48” x 6.5”.  The pallets are cleaned on edge or vertically for water drainage, while guide rails on both sides support the pallets in this orientation. This pallet washer is a single-stage, wash-only unit. Although, this modular system allows for rinse and dry modules to be added in the field.

In addition, the system also features:

  • water level controls
  • 5HP pump
  • easy-access filtration basket
  • insulation
  • steam exhaust system
  • end-of-cycle beacon light
  • door safety switch
  • main breaker disconnect

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