Parts Washer for Robotic Work Cell – Case Study 22090

Dual vertical door parts washer for robotic work cell
Dual vertical door parts washer for robotic work cell

This company is a leading, global aerospace manufacturer for both commercial and defense industries.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

They needed a parts cleaning system that would integrate with their existing robotic work cell system.


This RTO-2000 industrial parts washer is a two (2) chamber jet washer for a robotic work cell… one robot loads and unloads the washing system as well as other machining centers. The two cleaning chambers are segregated so that each works independently of the other. Parts being cleaned are integrated fan blade components for the aerospace industry.

Automatic valves for the water and air pathways make this possible. The cleaning cycle has 4 stages: wash, rinse, fresh rinse, and dry. Features include: 2 chambers/2 turntables, automatic roll-out dollies, three heated tanks, Ethernet communications, and more.



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