Automotive Parts Cleaning in a Work Cell – Case Study 22103

RTO carousel washer for cleaning automotive ring gears, pinion shafts, and differential housings
RTO carousel washer for cleaning automotive ring gears, pinion shafts, and differential housings



This company is a leading global manufacturer of transmission and automotive powertrain systems. The company offers drive axles, differential housings, pinion shafts, oil pumps, water pumps, couplings, and other components to automotive manufacturers worldwide. As such, they need to optimize operational efficiency and that includes automating their automotive parts cleaning process.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

They needed a system to remove oil and grease from a variety of automotive parts during the manufacturing process and one that would meet their rigorous cleaning specifications. Additionally, they required a system with a small footprint to fit within their existing work cell.


The solution was a stainless steel model C-5000-P-SS carousel washer. This automotive parts cleaning system automatically washes and dries ring gears, pinion shafts, and differential housings. Specifically, a 50” diameter turntable features custom fixtures to hold a total of 16 various parts at any given time. The turntable rotates to process the parts through the wash and dry zones and stops each time a clean part is ready for pick-up.

The system is manually loaded and unloaded from the same open, front station. Light curtains on either side of the open zone ensure operator safety while loading and unloading parts. In addition, the washer features a mist collector and a sump pump. Furthermore, a detergent valve siphon adds “X” GPM of aqueous parts cleaning detergent for a given flow of fresh water. 




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