Choosing an Aqueous Parts Washer

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Selecting an aqueous parts washer that meets all of your cleaning needs can be challenging. Parts washers are rarely one-size-fits-all and it can be difficult to decide what type of machine will bring your company the most value. To make the process easier, when choosing an aqueous cleaning solution there are three main questions you should ask yourself before purchasing.

How Clean is Clean Enough

Deciding the level of cleanliness you need your parts washer to perform will be a key factor in choosing a machine. Better Engineering’s aqueous parts washers can clean across a large spectrum of needs. Options span from visibly clean to microscopically clean.

Machines that clean to visible standards are perfect for those looking to remove remnants such as dirt, grease, grime, and other contaminants. Therefore, these heavy-duty cleaning systems ideal for manufacturing and industrial rebuild/repair industries.

Meanwhile, companies part of federally regulated industries will likely need parts cleaned to the highest hygienic standards. Better Engineering’s machines meet and exceed cGMP, FSMA, and HACCP standards and can easily remove biological hazards. These sanitization machines are well suited for the food/beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and medical industries.

What Size and Shape are the Parts

If the parts that you need to be cleaned are small, you may be interested in a drum washer or immersion washer. Drum and immersion washers clean small items quickly and efficiently. However, large such as totes or dunnage may be best cleaned by conveyor or turntable washers. These machines clean large items quickly and efficiently and can be customized with robot arm integration.

How Fast Does the Parts Washer Need to Operate

Your company likely has requirements for how many parts need to be cleaned on a daily, hourly, or weekly basis. Because of this, is important to take into consideration how quickly a machine cleans parts when choosing a machine. This will ensure that the machine meets your company’s parts cleaning needs and cleaning deadlines.

Companies with high volume needs will likely machine with high levels of automation and robot integration. Companies looking to clean a few parts per day may find more value in an operator-run machine.

If you are unsure of the type of machine that may best fit your needs, contact us. Better Engineering has a complete Engineering Process Lab and Machine Demonstration Test Center to test and evaluate your parts. These processes help you find the perfect aqueous parts washer for your application. For a complimentary parts cleaning consultation, speak to a Better Engineering machine specialist today.



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