Achieve Better Cleaning Results with a High-Pressure Cabinet Spray Washer

Achieve Better Cleaning Results with a High-Pressure Cabinet Spray Washer

High pressure spray glove box washer with 22" diam. turntable and 250 lbs. weight capacity

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What is a High-Pressure Cabinet Spray Washer?

High-pressure cabinet spray washers operate at approximately 500-750 PSI at 3-4 GPM. They pump spray solution through targeted nozzles at a much higher pressure but a lower flow rate. These systems achieve a higher level of cleanliness for facilities with critical cleaning applications such as medical devices and precision machined parts.

Parts cleaning is vital to many industrial processes to remove dirt, grease, oils, carbon, metal chips, and other contaminants as part of the manufacturing or remanufacturing process. Some of these applications can benefit significantly from an aqueous-based high-pressure spray cabinet washer to achieve optimal cleaning results.

Typical cabinet spray washers have low-pressure/high-volume pumps that operate at approximately 50-70 PSI at 100-200 GPM. As a result, they use high volumes of cleaning solution sprayed at relatively low pressures to clean the parts. HP washers effectively remove large particles from heavily soiled parts. However, intricate parts with small particles, blind holes, crevasses, or intricate designs are more difficult to clean thoroughly with these washers. A high-pressure cabinet spray washer performs well in these applications.

What Are the Benefits of a High-Pressure Cabinet Washer?

Significant benefits to using an aqueous-based high-pressure cabinet spray washer include:

  • Powerful, non-abrasive, solvent-free cleaning to scrub parts clean without damage to precision machined parts
  • Better targeted cleaning to effectively flush out blind holes, crevasses, threads, and passageways
  • Lower volume of water used
  • Less cleaning detergent used
  • Sustainable Manufacturing and Cleaning Processes
  • Less energy consumption

Better Engineering’s High-Pressure Cabinet Spray Washer

Better Engineering’s model HP-1000 sets a new standard for high-pressure cabinet spray washers. The HP-1000 is designed for precision cleaning facilities that demand the highest machine standards and is ideal for removing inert substances (silicone, rubber), stubborn soils like carbon, and even deburring. The system features high-impingement, pumping 4 GPM at 1,000 PSI to deliver higher levels of cleaning on difficult-to-clean parts. Superior heat management on the plunger reduces water heat-up in bypass, extending the pump’s lifetime.

The HP-1000 has an ergonomic design suitable for either seated or standing operations. BE constructs the cabinet structure from heavy-duty, 12-gauge stainless steel. The ergonomic spray gun’s unique trigger system requires no force once spraying, reducing manual strain on fingers by 60%. It also has a 22″ diameter turntable for easy part rotation, cleaning convenience, and a 250 lbs. weight capacity to handle heavy loads. In addition, it has an illuminated cabinet interior and an automatic window wiper for increased visibility. Meanwhile, its 40″ loading height, 30″ IVC, and hinged door allow easy part loading. Additional optional features include a recirculated wash tank, powered turntable, rinse and dry stages, oil skimming, and a spray gun holder.

Better Engineering’s Commitment to Quality

Better Engineering’s high-pressure systems are ruggedly constructed and provide the highest quality cleaning results. We are committed to helping you achieve optimal results on your cleaning application and invite you to allow us to demonstrate the full potential of our washers using your parts.

Send us the parts you would like cleaned, and our Test Lab will test them and provide you with a complete report on the results. Contact us for a free test parts cleaning. We guarantee that we’ll find a solution that meets all of your needs- it’s part of our commitment to customer satisfaction!



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