The Benefits of BE’s Aqueous Parts Cleaning Solutions

biodegradable aqueous parts cleaning detergents

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Aqueous Parts Cleaning Solutions

Aqueous parts cleaning solutions, or detergents, are an efficient way to remove dirt, grease, oil, and other grime from your industrial components. Alkaline, acidic, or neutral cleaners can all remove matter, organic or inorganic, like scale or rust, with a water-based cleanser.

How do Aqueous Parts Cleaning Solutions work? 

BE’s detergents contain surfactants, or surfactant molecules, which are dual-acting. In sum, they break up the surface tension of their solution, allowing the cleaning solution to uniformly reach all nooks and crannies to ensure a thoroughly cleaned component. Equally important, the other half of our dual-acting detergents are their hydrophilic and hydrophobic, or separation, properties. Due to its water-repelling properties, the hydrophobic molecules attach to soils, weighing them down to easily remove grime, dirt, and oils from your washer.  

What to Choose 

Affinity should be your primary consideration when determining which aqueous parts cleaning solution is right for you. Your cleaning solutions must be compatible with your part, from metal to plastics. Otherwise, you risk corrosion or damage to the surface of your parts. Industrial cleaners and degreasers are essential to industrial processes and ensure your components are properly maintained. Degreasing and cleaning solutions come in a wide range of concentrations and span from neutral to alkaline.

Acidic Degreasing & Cleaning Solutions (pH 1-6)

A pH of 1-6 characterizes acidic degreasing solutions, which are aggressive, and used for surface treatments. They are ideal for descaling, derusting, and brightening reactive metals. Overall, the pH level of the aqueous parts cleaner, concentration, amount of contamination, and the wetting agents involved all determine the level of cleanliness of your parts.  

Acidic cleaners are great for industrial use, but you should carefully evaluate whether this type of solution is right for you. 

Neutral Cleaning Solutions (pH 7)

Neutral solutions are gentle on products and guarantee softer metals and alloys are free from corrosion after cleaning and free of residue. These cleaners have a pH of 7 and are more commonly used for reactive metals such as aluminum and magnesium and require a wetting agent for practical use. 

Alkaline Degreasing & Cleaning Solutions (pH 8-14) 

Alkaline cleaning solutions, on the other hand, are more common for industrial parts cleaning. These solutions range in pH from 8 to 14 and are highly effective against organic residue since most soils are acidic. Their pH makes alkaline cleaning solutions ideal for difficult-to-remove, heavy contaminants like oils, waxes, dirt, and grease. 

Some alkaline cleaners can etch or harm your metals when used at higher ranges, requiring a thorough rinse to eliminate the opportunity for the dried residue to stain or damage the surface of your product. For this reason, you should also consider free-rinsing cleaners when determining which solution is right for you.  

Why Better Engineering? 

Better Engineering’s proprietary aqueous parts cleaning solution formulas ensure that your parts are free from oils, soils, and greases that will cause errors and finish coating failures. They are formulated specifically for your use and ensure your components meet your cleanliness standards. 

Benefits of BE’s Detergents:  

  • Lower pH. Low pHs ensure your products remain intact after use, without damage to the finish or surface of your products.  
  • Low foaming. A low foaming detergent is imperative for your washer to avoid bubbles overflowing when operating.  
  • Oil separation. Surfactants force oils onto the surface for easy skimming.  
  • Rust inhibition. Our rust inhibition is two-fold. It prevents your components from rusting, but when used with our aluminum (non-steel) washers, it helps maintain the finish and delay rusting of your industrial washer.  
  • Safe for use. BE’s detergents are safe for human use and offer the most safety. They are biodegradable, contain no VOCs, are non-flammable, and are non-hazardous.  

Need more information? Consult the tech bulletin or Safety Data Sheets for each cleaning solution.  



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