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This company is a global manufacturer of automotive components and systems. They produce essential components for automobiles, such as transmission gears, chassis parts, and brake components. The company’s recent expansion required new equipment for their new manufacturing facility. Specifically, they needed an automatic plastic tote washer to clean large quantities of plastic totes used to transport parts throughout the manufacturing process.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

As a result of the manufacturing process, oily residues and metal chips adhere to the automotive parts. Subsequently, these contaminants accumulate in and on the totes during transport. In addition, totes of various sizes hold these differently sized parts. Thus, the company required one automatic plastic tote washer to adjust to the multiple sizes of totes to remove the contaminants. 


The solution is a model C-24 automatic plastic tote washer. This cleaning system has a 24″ wide conveyor belt and is designed to clean multiple sizes of plastic totes. Powerful spray nozzles blast the parts clean while aqueous parts cleaning detergent ensures that there is no remaining residue. Additionally, an oil skimmer removes any floating oils. To keep the totes centered on the conveyor belt, the system has “floating” hold-down guide rails that hinge up and down as the tote heights change. Thus, no manual adjustment is needed to accommodate the different totes. 

The C-24 has a heated wash module and an extra powerful heated drying section with two large centrifugal blowers to blow the water off the totes at a high rate of speed. As a result, the system processes over 750 totes daily. Other features include stainless steel construction and a mist collector in front of the steam exhaust fan.



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