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Tote Washer with Rails
Tote Washer with Rails


This company is a global manufacturer of automotive components and systems.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

They needed a cleaning system to clean large quantities of plastic totes used to hold and transport automotive parts throughout the manufacturing process.


This conveyor tote washer has a 24″ wide belt and is designed to clean multiple sizes of plastic totes. To prevent the totes from getting blown off the conveyor belt, the system has “floating” hold-down rails that hinge up and down as the tote heights change (no manual adjustment is needed.) The C-24 has a wash module and an extra powerful heated drying section that has two (2) large centrifugal blowers to blow the water off the totes at a high rate of speed. Other features include stainless steel construction and a mist collector in front of the steam exhaust fan.

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