Carousel Washer for Transaxle Parts – Case Study 21442

C-6000-PCS Carousel washer to clean automotive driveline and drivetrain components
Carousel parts washer C-6000-PCS for transaxle parts


Carousel Washer


This company is an American manufacturer of automobile driveline and drivetrain components and systems and is a leading Tier 1 automotive supplier worldwide. As such, they have high-production rates and were interested in a precision cleaning carousel washer to meet their application.

Cleaning Challenge

The company has a diverse product portfolio, including complex transaxle parts with blind holes and intricate passageways. Expressly, they needed a cleaning system to clean the ID and OD of these parts while handling the high volume. In addition, they required a washer to fit into their existing work cell and meet their strict cleanliness requirements.


In this case, the solution was a C-6000-PCS precision cleaning carousel washer with four small turntables mounted to a large 60″ diameter carousel turntable. This system offers multiple cleaning stages like an inline conveyor washer but in a much smaller footprint. One turntable can be loaded/unloaded by the operator while the other turntables are rotating in the wash, rinse, and dry zones at any given time. In particular, the unit outputs one set of clean/ dry parts every 5 minutes. 

In addition, the features of this carousel washer include: 

  • stainless steel construction with insulation
  • two tanks for wash and rinse solutions
  • inline micron filtration
  • custom fixtures on each small turntable to hold a set of transaxle parts
  • steam exhaust system
  • mist collection system
  • sump tank and sump pump, and more

Furthermore, the carousel washer provides repeatability of cleaning accuracy to meet strict cleaning requirements.

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