Cleaning and Sanitizing Medical Waste Containers
Ramp for Cleaning Medical Waste Containers
Ramp for Cleaning Medical Waste Containers


This company is a leading provider of environmental and industrial services for companies and government agencies and is an expert in hazardous waste management and removal. In particular, the company provides onsite pickup and replacement of Sharps® containers and medical waste bins from medical facilities. Effective cleaning and sanitizing of medical waste containers is crucial for FDA compliance. For this reason, container contents are properly disposed of, and then the containers are cleaned, sanitized, and placed back in the field for service.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

Firstly, the customer needed to clean and sanitize a variety of Sharps® containers and medical waste bins ranging in sizes of 2-gallon and 3-gallon Sharps® containers and 10-gallon, 17-gallon, 31-gallon, and 43-gallon medical waste bins. Secondly, the bins also needed to be manually loaded directly from the freight dock to the washer.


In this case, the solution was a stainless steel Cyberjet conveyor washer with a 36” inch wide belt. The belt is divided into two lanes by guide rails, one lane for the Sharps® containers and one for the medical waste bins. While Sharps® container lids are placed in a basket to be washed in the second lane.

This system is comprised of 3-stages: recirculated wash (sanitize to 180°+ F), recirculated rinse, and a short blow-off with a 15 HP regenerative blower. Additionally, the system throughput is 200 containers/hour. Furthermore, a conveyor ramp was attached to feed the bins directly from the freight door to the load end of the washer. The unit also features steam heat for the wash and rinse stages and a steam exhaust system.

Additional features include:

  • in-line micron filter
  • electronic eye sensors at the unload end of the conveyor
  • locking door switches
  • marine clean-out doors
  • valve to siphon detergent into a water fill line

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