Cleaning Perforated Sheet Metal – Case Study 22969

Conveyor belt washer for cleaning large sheets of metal
C-60 conveyor washer for sheet metal



This company is one of the largest perforated metal manufacturers in the world. 

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

They design and manufacture expanded metal, as well as perforated aluminum sheets, of all sizes. They are removing cutting oils from perforated metal sheets. The sheets vary in size with the smallest size being 24” x 24” and the largest being 60.25” W x 120” L . Throughput is 100 sheets per hour with a working envelope of 61” W x 3” H.


A conveyor washer cleaning system was designed with a 60″ wide belt and wash, rinse, and heated dry cycles, as well as a blow-off between each to eliminate cross contamination and aid in the drying process.  This machine runs at 22 feet per minute!  Dynes tests were performed at different wash speeds to meet tight cleaning specifications.



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