Cosmetic Pails Drums Parts Cleaning – Case Study 21155

Return conveyor washer for cleaning buckets, pails, and drums in cosmetic factory
Conveyor washer for cosmetic pail drum


Conveyor Washer for Cosmetic Drums Pails


This company is an American multinational cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and personal care company. They produce large quantities of various cosmetics (for eyes, face, lips, nails, and more) each in a wide color pallet. The make-up constituents are stored in plastic pails and drums and these containers need to be cleaned after each use. This company cleaned the containers manually using a hand-held pressure washer. The result was a mess in more ways than one. They wanted an automatic cosmetic pail-drum washer to help increase efficiency.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

Design one conveyor washer that could clean both 5-gallon pails as well as 55-gallon drums. The system had to wash and rinse the containers, fit in a really tight room and have a return conveyor so that one operator can load and unload the parts.


The solution was a two-stage (wash and rinse), stainless steel cosmetic pail-drum washer with a 24-inch wide U-shaped return conveyor belt and hinged side rails that fold down to secure the smaller pails. The system also has a CIP system for the wash and rinse tanks and a 40-inch working height.

The conveyor belt is flat-wire and has a “smart drive” with torque overload control. The belt has “pushers” to keep containers moving forward on the belt and has a variable speed of 1-10 FPM.

The spray and rinse modules both feature a 500-gallon tank, a 7.5 HP pump, water level controls, easy cleanout access, and drain and overflow ports.

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