Custom Purifier Part Washer for Cleaning Gearbox Covers and Housings – Case Study 23655

Custom turntable part cleaning system built by Better Engineering


A manufacturer faced a significant challenge: their existing cleaning process wasn’t sufficient for parts with intricate features and blind holes, resulting in contaminants remaining on the parts. To address this, they needed a more advanced cleaning solution with a crucial additional requirement: a universal fixturing system that could be adjusted as needed to handle a variety of part shapes and sizes.


Better Engineering collaborated with the client to design a custom part washer from the Purifier line that addressed their specific challenges. The key features of this washer were the 360° continuous rotation and universal clamping. This dynamic duo ensures all surfaces of each part are consistently exposed to the multi-stage cleaning process, guaranteeing a thorough clean. The part is securely held during rotation by a network of strategically placed cylinders controlled by specialized valves. The operator sends a signal confirming part placement and alignment, and the system automatically engages the clamps. These valves are crucial, as they prevent accidental disengagement of the part even in the event of unexpected power loss. Disengagement only occurs when the machine is out of cycle and in its home position, ready for safe part removal. The arrangement of the clamps is another clever aspect. The system achieves significant mechanical advantage by utilizing small cylinders, ensuring parts are held firmly during the entire 360° rotation cycle, even for those with blind holes or challenging geometries.


Better Engineering built a custom part washer to clean gearboxes and housings. The system incorporated:

  • Full Stainless Pneumatic Cylinders: These durable cylinders provide reliable clamping for various part shapes and sizes, eliminating the need for custom fixtures.
  • Rotor Position Detection: Precise positioning allows for targeted cleaning and rinsing at different cycle stages, optimizing the cleaning effectiveness for each part’s unique geometry.
  • High-Level Filtration: Combining bag and cartridge filters effectively removes contaminants from the cleaning solution. Pressure sensors monitor filter cleanliness, ensuring optimal performance and preventing malfunctions.
  • Automated Oil Skimmer: This feature continuously removes floating oil, extending the lifespan of the cleaning solution and reducing maintenance requirements.


The custom part washer delivers a multi-stage cleaning process with superior efficiency that incorporates a separate rinse tank to prevent contamination of the cleaning solution by rinse water, maintaining its effectiveness. Furthermore, it included a heated dry air stage to dry the parts thoroughly. Overall, the Purifier Part Washer was a custom, innovative design that improved operational efficiency and was designed to meet the strictest cleanliness specifications in the automotive industry measured with gravimetric testing.

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