Aqueous Parts Cleaning Detergents

Better Engineering Mfg., a world renowned manufacturer of parts cleaning machinery, offers a line of water-based detergents/additives that are ideal for parts cleaning. These proven detergents are water soluble and biodegradable, making them safe for employees and the environment.

Benefits of “BE” Chemistry

• Biodegradable – No VOC’S, Non-flammable, Non-hazardous
• Lower pH’s – Generally safe on all metals
• Forces oils to the surface for easy skimming
• Low foaming – Designed for powerful spray washers
• Excellent rust inhibition
• Free-rinsing

The selection chart below will assist you in finding the ideal detergent. The factors to consider are:
1) contaminants being removed
2) type of parts being cleaned (type of metal)
3) importance of rinsing
4) requirement for rust inhibition (to protect the machine if it is constructed of mild steel) and parts that are mild steel.

If equipment is constructed of mild steel,  a compatible rust inhibitor should be added to washing solution to maximize corrosion protection for the machine.  Never mix AMINE containing and NITRITE containing solutions.  De-ionized water should only be used in spray washers constructed from stainless steel.

Using the selection chart below, choose the best detergent for the soils being removed (from light oils and chips to heavy grease), for the type of parts being cleaned (type of metal), and for the construction materials of the machine (mild steel or stainless.)

Choose the detergent that's right for your application!

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Detergent Selection