Long Spray Washer for Jet Engine Rotors – Case Study 21766

Impulse-80 Wide parts washer for cleaning diesel engines


Impulse Wide-80 Long Spray Washer


This company is a leading provider of jet engines, components, and integrated systems for commercial and military aircraft. Federal regulations hold the aerospace industry to some of the strictest cleaning requirements to ensure flight safety. Specifically, the company required a long spray washer to accommodate jet engine rotors.

Parts Cleaning Challenge

The company was using an older spray washer and needed to replace it with a more efficient and effective system that would clean all areas of a jet engine rotor.


The Impulse Wide-80 is a top-loading spray washer designed to automatically clean jet engine rotors in a horizontal orientation. In particular, the work envelope is 80″ long x 33″ in diameter, and the overall weight capacity is 2,000 lbs. Significantly, this machine is a fully automatic, two-stage wash/dry system with spray and dry manifolds oscillating around the rotor (the rotor remains stationary). Additionally, the unit has two plastic-lined “V” fixtures that move laterally and adjust vertically for different parts. Moreover, the lid is powered up and down with pneumatic cylinders and opens at 90° for complete overhead access. A 12.8 kW air heater automatically dries parts with compressed air.

Furthermore, the system has a 400-gallon wash tank with a 15 HP vertical, seal-less pump. Particles and oils are filtered out of the heated wash tank through an in-line micron filtration system and an oil/water coalescer. Also, all wetted parts on the machine are stainless steel with 1-inch insulation covering the steel panels.

Notably, system features also include:

  • A steam exhaust system
  • Mist collector
  • Automatic water level controls
  • Timers for wash and dry stages
  • A NEMA-12 central control station

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