Parts Cleaning System for Gas Cylinders – Case Study 21734

Gas cylinder cleaning system RTO-2000-PCS
Gas cylinder cleaning system RTO-2000-PCS


Cleaning Gas Cylinders with Automated Passivation System


This company is the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum high-pressure gas cylinders. Their products allow for the safe storage of specialty, high purity, and unstable gases used in a range of industries including SCBA, SCUBA, performance racing, medical, transportation, alternative fuel, beverage, life support, and more. Thus, efficiently cleaning gas cylinders is critical.

Parts Cleaning Challenge

Specifically, they needed a system for cleaning and passivating multiple gas cylinders in the final manufacturing process. In addition, they also required a system to integrate with their existing robotic work cell.


The solution was a return-to-operator system RTO-2000-PCS. This extraordinary machine cleans/passivates gas cylinders inside and out. Markedly, the system has six individual cleaning chambers, each with a vertical, powered door and automatic valves to control flows from 3 tanks and air blow-off. First, the parts are loaded and unloaded with a robot. Next, a top pneumatic device secures the part before the robot lets go. After which, another pneumatic device inserts a nozzle through the part orifice for cleaning. In each chamber, the parts undergo a 5-step process:

  1. wash with fluid “A”
  2. rinse
  3. wash with fluid “B”
  4. rinse
  5. dry

Additionally, other system features include stainless steel construction, custom fixturing, ID spray nozzle, automatic water level controls, a steam exhaust system, safety sensors, sump pump/sump tank, and NEMA-12 control station with PLC.

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