Precision Cleaning Jet Engine Parts – Case Study 21805

Jet engine parts washer RD-6000-PCS

Small conveyor belt washer for cleaning automotive spline shafts

Jet Engine Parts Cleaning


This company is a leading American aerospace manufacturer with global service operations. Their aircraft engines are widely used in both civil aviation and military aviation. Significantly, effective jet engine parts cleaning is critical to ensure optimal product safety and performance.

Parts Cleaning Challenge

They needed an aqueous parts washer for the final, precision cleaning of critical jet engine components in the shot peening process.


The solution was twin, automated precision cleaning systems. Each unit has a 60-inch diameter turntable and a 60-inch working height with a roll-in door. The system also has two identical 300-gallon tanks for high-volume wash and rinse stages. In addition, it also has fresh-rinse and dry stages for comprehensive cleaning that meets the aerospace industry’s strict standards.

The system cleans parts as large as 55-inches in diameter and which have internal cavities. For this reason, a center-drop spray/dry manifold automatically lowers into the parts to clean the inner diameter.

Additionally, other features include a part collision sensor for the ID manifold, all stainless steel construction, steam heat for the tanks, a steam exhaust system and mist collector, a vacuum system, a viewing window, a mist collector, a 20HP regenerative blower with sound shield, a 10″ HMI screen, and more.

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