Cleaning Small Weapons Frames – Case Study 21948

Return conveyor washer for cleaning baskets of gun parts
return conveyor washer



This company designs, manufactures, and distributes small firearms – various models of pistols and rifles for law enforcement and the outdoor sporting industry.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

They needed to clean chips and oils off of small weapons frames and demagnitize them during the manufacturing process.


This C-24 conveyor washer is designed to clean trays of gun parts. The oval conveyor allows one operator to easily load and unload the trays from one vantage point. The sequence is as follows: 1) place a tray on gravity rollers and slide it onto the demagnetizing unit; 2) tray is then powered through the demag zone, around the turn and into the washing system; 3) trays move through four (4) clean/dry stages – wash, rinse, rinse, and dry; 4) upon exiting the conveyor, the trays come around the other turn and keep moving forward to the next available spot (zoned accumulation.) Eventually, the tray comes right back to the operator.



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