RTO-2000 parts washer robotic work cell
This RTO-2000 industrial parts washer is a two (2) chamber jet washer for a robotic work cell… one robot loads and unloads the washing system as well as other machining centers. The two cleaning chambers are segregated so that each works independently of the other. Parts being cleaned are integrated fan blade components for the
Parts Washer Turbine Blades Vanes
Background: This company manufactures turbine blades for jet engines. Parts Cleaning Problem: This company required a parts washer capable of handling 4 different applications: 1) To clean a water soluble zirconium oxide slurry off ceramic coated blades post laser drill.  2) To rinse FPI fluid off uncoated parts.  3) To wash water based coolant off
turntable washer jet engine rotors
Background This company is a leading manufacturer of jet engines. They have used Better Engineering parts cleaning systems for almost 20 years. Parts Cleaning Problem After the rotor is completely assembled (after all the blades are installed), the assembly has to be cleaned to remove oil, dust, fingerprints, pen markings, etc.  The parts washing challenges included
Industrial Parts Washer RD-6000LX-PCS
Background The customer is a major re-builder of jet engines. They work in conjunction with the leading jet engine manufacturers. Parts Washing Problem The customer needed to replace an older jet washer that could not achieve the required cleanliness levels. The major problem was rinse water contamination. The parts held a lot of wash water
Industrial Parts Washer RTO Rotor
Background: This company manufactures a wide range of civil and military helicopters. Parts Cleaning Problem: They needed to clean gear boxes to the highest level. The System/Solution: This RTO-R-6000-PCS washer rotates the parts around a horizontal axis as they are being sprayed to flush out complex passages.  A dolly transports the parts in and out of the spray chamber.  This
Return Conveyor Washer
Background: This company is a leading supplier of aircraft wheels and brakes and related hydraulic products. Parts Cleaning Problem: This plant needed to clean and coat a variety of parts prior to paint (powder coating.) The steel parts needed to be iron phosphate coated.  The aluminum parts needed a Chromium III conversion coating. The System/Solution:
Tumbling Washer
Background: This company is a leading supplier of aerospace components such as propulsion engines, engine controls, landing gear, etc.  In addition to manufacturing new components, they offer repair and rebuilding services. Parts Cleaning Problem: The application is rebuilding jet engine fuel pumps.  In terms of cleaning, this is one of the most difficult and challenging
Landing Gear Parts Washer
Background This company has manufactured and serviced aircraft components for over 55 years.  Today they employ 20,000 people at 100 facilities in 16 countries.  They manufacture and service landing gear, wheel and brake assemblies, actuator systems, etc. Parts Cleaning Problem At their landing gear service centers, the customer needed batch loaded cleaning systems that can
HPT Blade Parts Washer
Background Hundreds of “Fins” surround the center “Rotor” section of Jet Engines. These fins are actually high pressure turbine (HPT) blades which are very complex. The surface of the part is peppered with tiny EDM holes which lead to a central cavity and larger “root holes” in the rectangular end. Parts Cleaning Problem These blades
Jet Engine Rotors Parts Washer
Background This complex rotor part stands about 7 ft. tall, has a 40” diameter at its widest point, and weighs 1,000 lbs. The part has several rows of “HPT BLADES” and is covered with tiny holes. Parts Cleaning Problem First, this tall, 1,000 lb. part had to be fixtured so that the blades and other
Industrial Parts Washer RD-6000LX-PCS
Parts Cleaning System RD-6000LX-PCS Twin systems designed for final, precision cleaning of critical jet engine components. These parts cleaning systems have a roll-in door and a spray/dry manifold that automatically lowers into the parts. Both the interior and exterior surfaces are directly impacted as the machines cycle through the following stages… wash, rinse, fresh rinse, and
Parts Washer Jet Engine Exhaust Rings F-4000LX-PCS
F-4000LX-PCS Parts Washer This customer makes various parts for jet engines and aircraft.  They purchased the F-4000LX-PCS parts washer shown to clean shrouds.  Each part is approximately 36” in diameter and 27” in height.  To clean the inner diameter to the same degree as the outer diameter, a powered spray/ dry manifold gets automatically lowered