carousel washer C-6000-PCS
C-6000-PCS Carousel….Robot load/ unload This Carousel system cleans diesel engine pistons inside and out including a cavity that only has access via two (2) small, ¼” diameter holes. Parts are robotically loaded and unloaded from the same front position. The turntable indexes every 45 seconds moving the parts through the wash, rinse, and dry zones.
Saturday, 23 December 2017 / Published in Auto & Truck Mfg.
carousel washer C-5000-P-SS
CAROUSEL WASHER C-5000-P-SS Carousel type cleaning system washes and dries ring gears, pinion shafts and differential housings. The system is manually loaded and unloaded from the same open, front station. A 50” diameter turntable holds a total of 16 parts at any given time. It brings the parts through the wash and dry zones and
Friday, 22 December 2017 / Published in Aircraft Parts Cleaning
RTO-2000 parts washer robotic work cell
This RTO-2000 industrial parts washer is a two (2) chamber jet washer for a robotic work cell… one robot loads and unloads the washing system as well as other machining centers. The two cleaning chambers are segregated so that each works independently of the other. Parts being cleaned are integrated fan blade components for the
Exhaust Tube Parts Washer
Background: This company specializes in making exhaust pipes for motorcycles. They wanted to phase out solvent tanks and use an environmentally friendly, water-based cleaning system. Parts Cleaning Problem: Find a way to rack and clean a myriad of tubes (some straight and some bent) and design the washer so that the racks can be conveyed