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Conveyor Washer Engine Blocks
Conveyor Washer Engine Blocks


This company is a leader in logistics and synchronous contract automotive manufacturing. They build a variety of highly complex sub-assemblies for automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s). Part of their manufacturing process involves camshaft, crankshaft, and engine block cleaning.

Cleaning Challenge

Cleaning transaxle parts after machining is imperative to ensure proper product functionality. This company needed an automated cleaning system for transaxle parts that could keep up with the number of units that are manufactured and are processed through the assembly line.


The solution was two identical conveyor washers with custom fixturing. One designed for camshaft cleaning with special fixtures to hold camshafts and crankshafts and the other for engine block cleaning. These systems wash, rinse, and dry 120 parts, or sets of parts, every hour (the next step is assembly). Electronic sensors and operator flag switches allow the conveyor to index to the next part.

Each system is comprised of two 60-inch spray modules (wash and rinse) and a heated dry module with a 10HP centrifugal blower.

Other features include a parallel chain conveyor, stainless steel construction with insulation, an inline filtration system and multi-stage particle filters, a marine cleanout door, door safety switches, a steam exhaust system, an oil/ water coalescer, and a central control station with PLC.

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