Cleaning Camshafts, Robotic Automation – Case Study 21825

by bettereng1neer1ng / 12 August 2015 / No Comments

C-14 Conveyor Washer with 360 Degree Track

This Cyberjet C-14 is a fully automated parts washing system that cleans diesel engine camshafts. A single robot loads and unloads the camshafts on one end of the system. Once a camshaft is loaded onto a fixture, the fixture is released and the part travels around the tight radius, closed loop conveyor.

The parts stop at various queuing stations and then travel through a wash zone, a dry zone, and then an oil misting zone (not all parts are misted. The system knows which parts do and don’t get coated with oil.) Other features of the system include stainless steel construction, five (5) automatic stops, heated wash tank, high velocity air knives for drying (air is heated) and a mist collection system for the oil misting section.