Cleaning Pharma Capsule Printers – Case Study 20667

by bettereng1neer1ng / 12 August 2015 / No Comments


This company makes the empty capsules that other companies use for their pharmaceuticals.

Parts Cleaning Problem:

The print on these tiny capsules is applied by special printing machines.  These machines need to be cleaned on a regular basis.  The machinery gets completely torn down and every component is methodically washed.  This was being done by hand at great expense.

The System/Solution:

F-3000-P Turntable Style Parts Washer

An F-3000-P jet washer with special racks that are user friendly and that protect the delicate parts (especially the print rollers) from getting scratched…  This stainless steel unit has a 30” diameter turntable and processes the parts through wash and rinse stages.