Conveyor Washer Large Metal Stampings – Case Study 20796

by bettereng1neer1ng / 12 August 2015 / No Comments


This company specializes in large metal stampings such as dome covers for pressure tanks. A large portion of their parts are as large as 48″ diameter x 16″ high.

Parts Cleaning Problem

They needed a high-speed (45 FPM) conveyor washer to remove a heavy coating of lubricant as well as most of the black residue from the hot rolled steel parts. The system also had to handle the chlorinated paraffin lubricant which tends to foam and which largely sinks to the bottom of the tanks.

The System / Solution

C-48-S15/ S15 Conveyor Washer

A super powerful C-48-S15/ S15 conveyor washer with a 50″ wide x 19″ high work envelope. This stainless steel system has two (2) modules (pre-wash and final wash), two (2) 2,000 gallon tanks, and a total of six (6) pumps that each output 300 GPM at 60 PSI… the total flow is 1800 GPM!