Fuel Injector Parts Cleaning – Case Study 21780

by bettereng1neer1ng / 12 August 2015 / No Comments

CJ-2 Tumbling Washer with Automated Conveyor

This CJ-2 cleans fuel injector parts to the highest possible standards. This system cleans trays of parts since this is how they are normally handled in the manufacturing plant. The operator places a tray (single or double stacked) on the blue conveyor belt and walks away.

The conveyor then automatically loads and unloads the trays into the CJ-2 cleaning chamber which can clean up to 4 trays per cycle. In cycle, the trays are orbiting in and out of the wash and rinse solutions, and progress through a 6 stage cleaning sequence which includes ultrasonic wash, ultrasonic rinse and drying. Finished trays que to the unload end of the conveyor for pick-up.