Parts Washer for Jet Engine Rotors – Case Study 20703

by bettereng1neer1ng / 12 August 2015 / No Comments


This company is a leading manufacturer of jet engines. They have used Better Engineering parts cleaning systems for almost 20 years.

Parts Cleaning Problem

After the rotor is completely assembled (after all the blades are installed), the assembly has to be cleaned to remove oil, dust, fingerprints, pen markings, etc.  The parts washing challenges included fixturing, drying, and preventing water from getting inside the part.


An F-5000 turntable style parts washer which has a 50” diameter turntable and a 90” working height.  The bottom shaft of the rotor slides into a fixture. Compressed air is forced through the top shaft to pressurize the ID so that water couldn’t get inside the part.