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Genesis Washers

G-1500 Genesis Parts Washer


The g-1500 is the most compact of our jet washer line with a 22″ diameter turntable.¬†Features include the roll-in door, a high volume pump, jam-free turntable drive system, slide-out filter basket, sealed cleaning chamber, etc.

  • Jam-proof Roll-Away Door (Top/Center Support)
  • Turntable Wrap-Around Chain Drive (Jam-proof)
  • All Welding Certified (Leak-checked 2x)
  • Lifetime Guarantees
  • Ergonomic Loading (Height and Toe-kick)
  • Industrial, High Volume Pump
  • Isolation Floor Between Spray Chamber and Tank
  • Slide-Out Chip/Debris Basket (Stainless Steel)
  • Wash and Heat Timers, Adjustable Thermostat
  • Casters
  • Automatic Water Fill/Low Water Shutdown
  • Pump & Flow-thru Brush For Hand Detailing
  • Oil Skimming (If ordering, must also order Automatic Water Fill/Low Water Shutdown)
  • Automatic 7-day/24-hour Timer
  • Small Parts Basket With Hinged Lids
  • Hydro-Air Rinse Gun
  • 230V / 460V 3-Phase Power