Sanitization Parts Washer – Case Study 21154

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At cosmetic companies, the filling machines have to be torn down and meticulously cleaned on a regular basis. This company has always hand cleaned their components using a team of workers. They were ready for a change.

Parts Cleaning Problem

The challenges included: a) cleaning off tenacious substances such as water -proof mascara; b) fixturing a myriad of parts… bowls, funnels, tubes, clamps, etc.; c) building the machine according to “clean design” principles.


CE-3000-SAN Sanitization Washer

A CE-3000-SAN stainless steel spray washer which has a 37″ diameter turntable and 48″ working height. This machine cycles through a wash stage and at least two (2) rinse stages. The wash solution can be saved and dumped after “X” cycles.