Aircraft Wheels & Brakes Powder Coating – Case Study 20708

return conveyor washer side C-16
return conveyor washer C-16
return conveyor washer C-16


This company is a leading supplier of aircraft wheels and brakes and related hydraulic products and were looking for an automated wheel washer for their manufacturing process.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

This plant needed to clean and coat a variety of parts prior to paint (powder coating.) The steel parts needed to be iron phosphate coated.  The aluminum parts needed a Chromium III conversion coating.


The solution was two side-by-side conveyor washers.  They are identical 5-stage C-16-S2/S2/S2/S2/DH systems except they are mirror imaged.  The first system is a wheel washer and the second system is a brake washer. The stages are wash, rinse, phosphate (or conversion coat), rinse, and dry.  The parts then move around the return conveyor.

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