Long Spray Washer for Jet Engine Rotors – Case Study 21766

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Long Spray Washer Impulse-80
Long Spray Washer Impulse-80

Impulse Wide-80

This company is a leading provider of jet engines, components, and integrated systems for commercial and military aircraft. They were looking for a long spray washer to accommodate jet engine rotors.

Parts Cleaning Challenge

The company was using an older spray washer and needed to replace it with a system that would be able to clean all areas of a rotor.


The Impulse Wide-80 is a top-loading spray washer and is designed to automatically clean jet engine rotors in a horizontal orientation. The work envelope is 80″ long x 33″ in diameter and the overall weight capacity is 2,000 lbs. This is a fully automatic, two-stage wash/dry system with spray and dry manifolds that oscillate around the rotor (the rotor remains stationary). The unit has two, plastic-lined “V” fixtures that move laterally and adjust vertically for different parts. The lid is powered up and down with pneumatic cylinders and opens at 90¬į for complete overhead access. A 12.8 kW air heater automatically dries parts with compressed air.

The system has a 400-gallon wash tank with a 15 HP vertical, seal-less pump. Particles and oils are filtered out of the heated wash tank through an in-line micron filtration system and an oil/water coalescer. All wetted parts on the machine are stainless steel with 1-inch insulation covering the steel panels.

Additional system features include a steam exhaust system, mist collector, automatic water level controls, timers for wash and dry stages, and a NEMA-12 central control station.

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